10000 Fish Cyclebait 3/8 Oz

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The 10,000 Fish Cyclebait is a new, patent-protected wire bait with an erratic action like nothing you’ve seen before. Unlike a spinnerbait that tracks straight through the water, the Cyclebait’s unique blade to wire connection allows for an erratic, side to side hunting action, as seen below. This creates a realistic swimming motion that better mimics fleeing baitfish.


  • Side to side swimming or hunting action
  • Works on fish in almost any water types
  • Exceptional vibrating action
  • Well balanced for long, bombing casts
  • Unparalleled action and feel not found in any other bait
  • Thumping Colorado or Willow blade
  • Works using a variety of retrieval techniques

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Chartreuse Silver, Bluegill, White, Black Blue, Sexy Shad, Dark Junebug-Gold, Pink Lemonade


Colorado, Willow