BioSpawn VileCraw 4″


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Delivering superior versatility, the BioSpawn VileCraw features a specially engineered body that is made to do it all. From jigs-to-buzzbaits-to-Texas-rigs and everything in-between, the BioSpawn VileCaw features a patented claw design and paddle-tail antennae that goes wild with the slightest movement. Molded with a hook pocket along the top, the BioSpawn VileCraw also has enough action and weedlessness to give your favorite pitching and flipping baits a run for their money. Infused with BioSpawn’s mouthwatering scent, the BioSpawn VileCraw flat-out does it all.

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Alabama Craw, Bama Bug, Candy Grass, Okeechobee Craw, Watermelon Red, Junebug, California 420, Green Pumpkin, Sprayed Grass


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