Cashion Elite 2oz Flipping Rod


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Length Action Power Line wt. Lure wt.
7’11″ Fast Hvy 17-65 1/2-2oz

If you love to flip and pitch big lures to thick cover, then we have designed our Flipping Rod series for you. Cashion Fishing Rods introduces the most sensitive and balanced Flipping Sticks you have ever fished. Our Flipping Sticks are constructed from all carbon fiber, which means you will feel fish you missed before. This carbon fiber flipping stick is extremely sensitive due to the uni-directional manufacturing process of our blanks. Designed to handle flipping dense cover from Florida to the California Delta and everywhere in between, the lightweight, yet strong Cashion Flipping Rods deliver unbeatable sensitivity and responsiveness. Each flipping stick is perfectly balanced, so the tip slightly rises up. We take pain-staking measures to balance each flipping stick because we know how grueling a day of flipping with a tip heavy rod can be. If you are tired of losing fish in brush, piers, or other structure, you need to experience the power of a Cashion Flipping Rod
Cashion flipping sticks are designed with a Fuji blank-exposed reel seat which means your hand is in direct contact with the rod so you feel everything. Our Flipping Sticks have all Fuji Microguides, which give you incredibly accurate flipping control, and unheard of sensitivity, not to mention extraordinary hook setting power. Our flipping sticks contain our exclusive carbon fiber split grip handles, which feel great in your hand. Our carbon fiber grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips. The combination of the uni-directional carbon fiber blank, Fuji blank exposed reel seat, Fuji Microguides, and Cashion carbon fiber split grip handle, makes this the most technologically advanced Flipping Stick available.