Lit Casting Reel 6.4:1


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Equal parts performance and value, the Favorite Fishing Lit Casting Reels utilize a range of top of the line components to produce exceptional results at a great price. Designed with a lightweight carbon composite body and side covers, the Favorite Fishing Lit Casting Reels are powered by an advanced 8 ball bearing system that includes Spool HI-Speed Bearings for optimal smoothness and casting distance.

Allowing anglers to switch from lure to lure without sacrificing efficiency, the Favorite Fishing Lit Casting Reels feature a magnetic braking system that supports fine tuning on the fly. Complete with a double-anodized, machined aluminum spool to further reduce weight, the Favorite Fishing Lit Casting Reels offer a blend of quality and pricing that all levels of angler can appreciate.

  • Lightweight carbon composite body and side covers
  • 8 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Gear ratio 6.4:1
  • Double-Anodized, machined aluminum drilled spool
  • Magnet braking system with external adjustment
  • Machined metal handle with soft-touch knob
  • Includes Spool HI-Speed Bearings
  • 7.3 oz


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