Missile Baits The 48


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Delivering key innovations designed by some of the best anglers in the business, the Missile Baits “The 48” Worm offers the perfect combination of shape, action, function, and durability. Featuring a straight body with two bulbous ends and a skinny mid section, the 48 Worm produces a seductive shimmying action as is falls through the water column. Because of the 48’s unique shape, it can be rigged weightless Texas-style, wacky-rigged, or Neko-rigged with a nail weight in the head. The 48 Worm can also be cut in half to give anglers two baits that are the perfect size for rigging on a small jig head for the rapidly growing Ned Rig technique.

Made from a dense soft plastic that is loaded with salt for a steady and consistent rate-of-fall, it also makes fish hold on longer once they strike for better hook sets. Available in a range of amazing colors just like all the Missile Baits, “The 48” Worm is an extremely effective worm that is sure to become your new favorite soft plastic.


  • Size: 4.8″


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