SlingBladeZ Power Finesse Double Willow 3/8 Oz


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A scaled-down version of the acclaimed SlingBladeZ spinnerbait, the compact 17-7 stainless LiveWire™ frame ensures maximum vibration and durability, which the concave underside of the StabilTrack™ head provides exceptional stability at all retrieve speeds. Built with premium features like a 4/0 VMC® O’Shaughnessy hook, copper wire hand-tied skirts, detailed paint schemes, jeweler quality custom blades, and a wire trailer keeper that will satisfy the needs of the most ardent tournament anglers.


  • Tournament-quality spinnerbait in a more compact package
  • StabilTrack™ head design prevents bait from rolling, even on fast retrieves
  • LiveWire™ 17-7 stainless steel wire frame for intense vibration and enhanced durability over standard stainless or piano wire
  • Custom blades with jeweler-quality electroplated finish
  • 4/0 custom O’Shaughnessy VMC® hook
  • 100% silicone skirts hand-tied with copper wire for maximum durability

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Chartreuse Pearl, Greenback Shad, Sexy Shad, Bluegill


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