Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 DD


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Built with 48 adjustable compartments, the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 DD is as rugged as they come and offers anglers three distinct advantages over traditional stowaways. You can't see into them, sun rays can't penetrate them, and they're virtually indestructible.

  • Super durable to the point of virtually indestructible
  • 48 adjustable compartments for a variety of storage
  • Two-tone back and red design hides top secret lures (hide from other fisherman, generally in tourneys)
  • Color design protects expensive lures from sun damage
  • Waterproof seal and stainless steel hinges


  • Length – 14.2 in
  • Width – 9.5 in
  • Height – 4.0 in