13 Fishing – Concept Z SLIDE – 7.5:1


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Pushing the edge of design, engineering, and materials forward, the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLIDE Casting Reel enters a new realm of performance standards that redefines what baitcasting reels are capable of. Starting with its SLIDE Magnetic Cast Control System, SLIDE is a finite casting adjustment located just inside the frame that gives anglers instant adjustability literally with the flick of a thumb to eliminate wasted time adjusting internal controls. It also features an internal Low-Friction 6-Way Centrifugal Braking System that gives anglers even more adjustability so you can dial-in to any condition with any size lure.

Shedding weight while maintaining strength, the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLIDE Casting Reel’s frame is made from a proprietary Cast Iron Carbon material that is ultra lightweight and provides the rock solid feel and performance of metal with zero-corrosion. Incased in the body is 13 Fishing’s innovative zero-corrosion CZB Bearing Technology that delivers unrivaled performance in the harshest of conditions and a 20lb Advanced Polymer Drag System that provides better durability, buttery smooth drag, and incredible heat dissipation under extreme loads without failing. Offered in a selection of gear ratios, the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLIDE Casting Reels is at the forefront of cutting edge design to give anglers unparalleled quality and performance.

-SLIDE Magnetic Cast Control System
-CZB Bearing Technology
-Hi-Tech Casting Iron Carbon Frame and Side Plate Construction
-Ti-Armour Aluminum Hamani Cut Drive Gear
-20lb Advanced Polymer Drag System
-Alert Drag Clicker
-Generation II Hard Anodized Worm Shaft
-Arrowhead Line Guide
-Reinforced Clutch Cam
-KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper
-Low-Friction 6-Way Braking System
-Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate System
-Trick Shop Compatible
-Dead Stop Anti-Reverse