Deps Slide Swimmer 175 – Slow Sinking – Deadly Ketabass


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Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Glide Bait is the perfect all-round size glidebait for a range of fish. The new Slide Swimmer shape 175 is a downsized profile of the entire Slide Swimmer range. A single joint lure, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Glide Bait swims with a wide, side-to-side S motion that draws fish to get a serious bite on a straight retrieve! It also has a brilliant kicking action on a twitch and jerk style retrieve with long pauses.

Made with a unique process, the Slide Swimmer features an ABS injected core with an internal spring weight in the head that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause, just like a real bait-fish! The Slide Swimmer is then finished with a soft plastic skin with extremely realistic detail, colour and finish, even down to sale patterns and gills. This soft skin allows the lure to have a subtle natural sound in the water and helps to deliver extra action. All Slide Swimmer have a unique Water Through Duct, that allows water to flow between the core body and the outer shell, making the lure an extremely life like glide bait!


  • Length: 6.5″ (175mm)
  • Weight: 2.8 Oz (79g)
  • Class: Slow Sinking