Googan Squad Green Series Twitch Casting Rod – Medium 1 Piece


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Length: 6’9″
Power: Medium
Action: Moderate
Piece: 1

The Googan Squad Twitch rod is for those lures that require rod tip movement. Lures that require jerking, slashing, ripping, or twitching are ideal for this fishing stick. With every stroke of the rod tip, the Googan Squad Twitch will keep your bait zigging while you zag.

Most ripping or twitching style baits work best with the rod tip pointed down; for this reason, anglers often prefer a shorter rod to help it from getting in the way.

At 6’9″, The Twitch provides enough length for appropriate rod balance and natural casting ability while still being short enough from being cumbersome when being worked.

Let the lure do the work! The moderate action from the Twitch series allows you to impart more bait action with every rod twitch

Available as a 1 piece only.

Googan Squad Green Series Features

Ceramic Insert Guides – For long and buttery smooth casts

Composite 24/30 ton carbon blanks – For strength, sensitivity & durability

EVA Foam/Cork Handle- For durability & all-day comfort

Measuring tape ruler on the rod – To verify your PB