Googan Squad Klutch 2.5″

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The Googan Squad Klutch lipless crankbait designed for a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish. Fish the Googan Squad Klutch all year long but this bait will really crush in the Spring and Fall when bass are putting on the feedbag. In the spring, tie on Sriracha Craw Klutch to mimic the look of crawfish which bass are typically dialed in on. In the fall a Sexy Shad patterned Klutch will be the deal for fish feeding on schools of baitfish.


Use the Googan Squad Klutch to create reaction strikes by reeling over grass beds and ripping the bait out of them. Also very effective across points, flats, and anywhere else fish are actively feeding on baitfish.

Length: 2 ½”
Weight: ½ oz
Diving Depth: Sinking
Rattling: Yes

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Citrus Shad, Chartreuse Blue Back, Ghost Gill, Gold Rush, Quicksilver, Mondo Shad, Sexy Shad, Shotgun Shad, Mudbug, Sriracha Craw, Cash Craw, Shogun Shad, Aurora Shad