Googan Squad Mini Banger

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The Googan Squad Mini Banger is a downsized square billed crankbait designed to be fished around cover such as rock or wood. The square bill allows the bait to better deflect off cover, minimizing snagging.

The Googan Squad Mini Banger may be small but it packs a big punch, this little dude is ideal bait for targeting pressured largemouth, spotted bass, and smallmouth. In addition to being a deadly bass bait, the Googan Squad Mini Banger will also get lit up by a variety of other game species.

This downsized crankbait is perfect when the baitfish are very small, or the fish are highly pressured. The finesse profile will equal more bites. Throw this bait where other crankbaits cannot go to create reaction strikes, it gives you the ability to cover a lot of water and search for active fish. Instead of fishing a creature bait or jig on a laydown, throw this bait along the limbs and trigger bass to strike as it deflects off the cover.

Length: 2”
Weight: 1/4 oz
Diving Depth: 1-4'
Rattling: No

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