Lazer Sharp Pro Series Avid Kit – Tokyo Rig


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The TKO Punch Rig combines characteristics of a Texas Rig and Drop Shot giving bass anglers a new presentation that can adjust easily on the fly to acommodate any situation. The TKO Punch Rig can be used with a wide variety of soft plastics including: worms, creature baits, beaver-style baits, and paddle tail swimbaits, to name a few.

The TKO Rig attaches the provided hooks (either an EWG or Flippin’ style hook) to a drop wire with a heavy-duty split ring. To complete the rig, you must attach the desired weights or beads (also provided) to the drop wire. Then, simply bend the wire up to secure your weight. Attach your favorite soft plastics Texas Rig style, and you’re ready to start catching fish!

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative when attaching the weights. A part of the versatility of the TKO Punch Rig is the ability to quickly and easily change weights to fit any bass fishing scenario. For example, you can punch through thick mats by using two weights stacked onto each other creating a bullet-shaped profile with enough weight and the proper shape to punch through. On the other end of the spectrum, you can go with only one light weight attached to the wire for open water situations where you want to slow the rate of fall of your soft plastic. You can quickly adapt your TKO Punch Rig to fish any depth, structure, cover, or vegetation effectively.

LPS TKO Rig Kit: 22 pieces

  • Four assembled TKO Rigs with premium American-Made Lazer Sharp Extra Wide Gap and Flippin’ hooks.
  • Three extra TKO Rig wires and components to create additional rigs using any hook.
  • Six different size and shape weights can be quickly added or removed from the TKO wire.