Shimano 18 Aldebaran MGL 30 HG


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Shimano Aldebaran MGL is specialized in light rig finesse fishing, for rigs 5g 3/16oz or heavier. Its ultra light weight and small palming body allow you delicate, soft presentation in tough conditions. This MGL 30 model is to cast rigs in 5-7g weight well, a little heavier than that of Aldebaran BFS of 2-5g, and a little lighter than that of original Aldebaran 5-10g.
Its body construction is combined with magnesium alloy body frame and CI4+ engineering carbon material side plates to achieve both light-weight and solidness. It employs two innovative features to make it real arsenal for serious anglers. The first noticeable feature is the super shallow, light-weight spool, which accelerate fast even with 5g, 3/16oz rigs. The shallow spool still has enough line capacity, but its spool is machined to remove weight. The second is New variable SVS Infinity MGL centrifugal system, and you may adjust the centrifugal brake without opening side plate, at 20 levels. This new system has quite wide adjusting range and you don’t have to open the side plate to change the engaged brake blocks.