Z-Man Finesse FrogZ




The smaller cousin to the popular Hard Leg FrogZ, the Finesse FrogZ offers the same buzz-frog design and buoyant ElaZtech construction that sets the Z-Man version apart from other toads on the market. Ideally rigged with a 2/0 EWG style hook, the Finesse FrogZ features a scaled-down profile that is perfect for pond fishing, small creeks and streams, and light tackle, as well as situations where finicky fish call for a finesse approach.



  • Compact 2.75″ design is ideal when conditions dictate a smaller profile topwater presentation
  • Twin paddle feet create attention-getting, bubbling surface action on the retrieve
  • Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction allows bait to float at rest and withstand multiple vicious strikes from surface
  • Belly and dorsal hook pockets for maximum hook protection and effortless hooksets
  • 4 baits per pack


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Black Blue, Green Pumpkin, Mud Minnow, Watermelon Chartreuse