6th Sense Vega Frog


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The 6th Sense Vega Frog is engineered with a hybridized design incorporating the features of a walking, skipping, spitting, & popping frog without compromising the key design elements. The Vega comes equipped with a heavy gauge, 5/0 black nickel braid hook, delivering maximum hook penetration and the ability to rip those giants from the thickest of cover. The slender keel shape belly generates a 180-degree walking motion with less effort, putting more fish in the boat. Offering a selection of more than 15 realistic color schemes, we are confident the Vega Frog will exceed your frog-fishing needs.

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Frogville, Black Magic, Brick Critter, Baby Bullfrog, Gill Shad, Baby Bluegill, Shad Spawn


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