NetBait BaitFuel Lollipop DS 3.5″


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The evolution in finesse baits is the Lollipop DS TM with BaitFuel!

The Lollipop DS TM  (Drop Shot) is infused with BaitFuel, a scientifically engineered fish attractant that stimulates the predator instinct in fish. The Lollipop DS TM is the go-to for a drop shot and other finesse techniques.

The Lollipop is designed as a flat worm or baitfish has a tapered body with an enlarged tail section giving this bait an authentic look that mimics virtually any baitfish.

Available in all the fish catching colors that mimic prey, the Lollipop DS TM is neutrally buoyant so it can be fished in any situation you want to keep a bait elevated off bottom!

The Lollipop DS TM with BaitFuel is a flat worm that flat out catches fish!


  • Quantity: 10 per pack

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Green Pumpkin, Black Blue Flake, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Juvenile Goby, LON Goby, Killer G, Smallie Dew, Dark Shad, Perch, Shiner