Bitters Naked Swimmer



The Naked Swimmer has quickly become one of the most popular baits.  It has an unbelievable swimming action as the tail kicks back and forth and the body of the bait rocks side to side with that seductive action that bass cannot resist.  When fish hit the Naked Swimmer, they absolutely crush it!!  Most people either swim this bait under the surface with a weighted hook, but many people buzz it on top over vegetation.  Our bait casts a mile which makes it a fantastic search bait.  This bait is made to hold up to a 6/0 EWG hook.  Giant limits have been caught in 2010 on the Naked Swimmer.

• More salt plus hog lard
• Special plastic and salt formulation to enhance action
• Unbeatable color selection
• More durable plastic stays on the hook better than the competition= More Bites Per Buck!!

Quantity: 5 per pack

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White, Green Pumpkin Blue, Blueberry, Bluegill Shad, Watermelon Red