Bitters Salty Sling 5″

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Most people fish this soft stickbait weightless Texas-style. It works well as a wacky rig as well. Just stick an exposed 3/0 hook directly through the middle of the bait, cast it out, and let it sink. As the bait sinks, the ends quiver and undulate, enticing a bite. The key to success with this style of bait is to let it sink, not to work it horizontally. This is a great bait to fish when the bass are relating to shallow water cover as well as when the fish are inactive due to a cold front. The Salty Sling can also be fished as a Carolina Rig bait.

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Black, Blueberry, Green Pumpkin Blue, Watermelon Red, Junebug, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Silver, Houdini, Watermelon Gold


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