Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm – 6.5″



Breaking the mold of traditional worms, the Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm gives bass a fresh new look that is sure to produce more bites. Molded with a streamlined body shape, the Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm features shell-shaped ribbing down the entire body like a creature-style bait, which produces an action and vibration unlike any other worm on the market. Perfect for just about any application, the Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm works great on standard finesse presentations, such as drop shots and shaky heads, but it also works extremely well on a Texas-rig or Carolina-rig. Finished with Slaunch Sauce scent for an added level of attraction, the Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm will help you standout among all the other worms in the water and put more fish in the boat.

– 6.5″ Length
– Versatile Length & Fish Won’t Let Go!
– Textured Tail
– Shell Shaped Segments
– Creature Style
– Slaunch Sauce Scent
– Stuffed with Salt

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