Googan MondoOptics – Smallie Spotters


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The Googan Squad Mondo Optics Smallie Spotters are the perfect polarized fishing sunglasses. Ideal for all sight-fishing or all-around use in angling situations, Mondo Optics Smallie Spotters are an on-the-water accessory you can't do without. This pair of fishing sunglasses features high-quality optics that are tinted, polarized, and treated so virtually all glare is removed.

With the Smallie Spotters, you get a crystal-clear view of what's in front of you, no matter how bright the sun is shining. The remarkable effectiveness of these shades as fishing sunglasses is partly due to the design of the frames—the curved shape and wide temples blot out light coming in from the top and sides. UV protection for your eyes, head-turning good looks, rugged construction, and most importantly, the ability to help you see fish and casting targets better—you get it all with Googan Squad's Mondo Optics Smallie Spotters.

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Blue, Green, Black / Grey