Mustad Assault Heavy Wide Gap Hook


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An all-purpose wide gap hook ideal for fishing around heavy cover, the Mustad Assault Heavy Wide Gap Hook incorporates Alpha Point technology to boost your hook-up ratios with a slim and elongated hook point that offers exceptional durability. Built using a strong high-carbon alloy wire to reduce flex for heavy hooksets and lightning-fast penetration, the Assault Wide Gap Hooks have a tactical bend that allows bulky soft plastics to easily shift down the shank and expose the hook point.

Featuring Mustad’s TitanX matte grey nano-coating to maintain sharpness, the extremely slick finish delivers rapid penetration and provides long-lasting durability with up to 48 hours of saltwater resistance. Perfect for flipping, punching, and Texas rig applications, the Mustad Assault Heavy Wide Gap Hooks are fitted with a proprietary laser-welded grip pin bait keeper to ensure soft plastics remain locked firmly in place.


  • 2/0 – 5 per pack
  • 3/0  – 5 per pack
  • 4/0 – 5 per pack
  • 5/0 – 5 per pack
  • 6/0 – 4 per pack
  • 8/0 – 4 per pack

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