Royal DC31 Battery


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Product Characteristics:

  • No Need for Distilled Water – Delkor batteries use special alloy calcium lead for minimal fluid loss (less than 1/10 of other batteries) meaning that there is no need to replenish distilled water throughout the life of the battery.
  • Strong Charge – The use of calcium alloy grids and low resistance envelope separators means that Delkor batteries have 20% improved charging ability compared to other batteries, even during intense heat or cold.
  • Low Rates of Self-Discharge – Calcium alloy grids provide prompt turnover even after long periods of standing.
  • Mounted Hydrometer – A mounted hydrometer allows you to check the status of the battery.
  • Long Life – special alloy grids prevent corrosion and extend the life of the battery (with) making it the economically practical choice.


  • Complete protection against reduction of sulfuric acid
  • Preventing electrolyte losses by collecting and returning liquid to the reservoir
  • Consistent starting performance
  • High durability achieved by adoption of special wrought lead calcium grids
  • Low resistance envelope separator
  • Nominal Voltage: 12
  • Terminal Type: SAE Posts & Wing Nut
  • Nominal Capacity (20hr/Ah): 100