Shimano 23 SLX DC 70 XG – 8.2:1


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A DC that goes beyond the class, which is polished. For the first time in this class, low inertia Magnum Light Spool II is installed in SLX DC, which has gained outstanding flying and backlash performance. In addition, the firmware of the electronic control brake system I-DC4 has been renewed. The elaborate control that brings out the characteristics of low inertia spool makes it easier to determine the best setting, from lightweight lures to big bait. Due to the spool characteristics that stands up lightly, it covers a wide range of scenes, from long throw to low -range low ballistic cast. In addition, highly durable parts such as ultra -high -strength brass drive gear, carbon cross drag washer, and HAGANE body are also adopted. SLX DC, which is easy for everyone to handle and has a wide range of situations, is a tough and all -round high -spec model that allows you to experience the state -of -the -art function close to you.