Trokar Finesse Rigging Kit


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Designed for anglers looking to learn the Neko Rigging technique or simply bolster their current supply kit, the Trokar Finesse Rigging Kit makes it easy to stock up on quality technique-specific tackle staples. Eagle Claw selected the most popular Neko Rig terminal tackle for bass fishing and combined it into a ready-to-fish kit. A grab-n-go package, the Finesse Rigging Kit includes the latest Pro-V Needlepoint finesse hooks, their time-tested Wacky hooks, finesse nail weights, wacky o-rings. Loaded with the necessary components to be successful with the Neko Rigging technique during your next adventure on the water, the Trokar Finesse Rigging Kit contains everything you need to finesse a limit into the boat – just add water.


-(8) TK137-1 Finesse hooks
-(8) TK137W-1 Weedless Finesse Hooks
-(8) TK137W-2 Weedless Finesse Hooks
-(10) 1/16oz Lead Nail Weights
-(10) Rigging Rubber O-Rings
-(1) Finesse Tool w/ 10 Rubber O-Rings
-(1) Custom Kit Box (reusable)