Trokar TK230 Helix Drop Shot Hook


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The Lazer Trokar Helix Drop Shot Hook features a specialized design that virtually eliminates the line twist that has long menaced drop shot anglers everywhere.  Its swivel design guarantees 100% free rotation, and also helps kick the hook point up on hook sets for far better hook sets than with standard drop shot rigs.

The swivel design makes changing out your weights and adjusting leader lengths much faster to help you maximize your fishing time on the water. Lazer Trokar’s ultra high carbon steel wire also delivers just right amount of flex to keep fish pinned and resist bending or breaking, and the surgically sharpened, three-sided hook points provide the fastest hook penetration in the industry. Spend more time fishing and less time retying with the Lazer Trokar Helix Drop Shot Hook.

Quantity : 5 per pack

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