Trokar TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook


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When the fish get big and the cover gets nasty, it’s time to tie on the Lazer Trokar Pro V Worm Hook. It features a significantly heavier gauge ultra high carbon steel wire construction than standard Lazer Trokar worm hooks, so you never have to worry about hooks bending out. It also comes equipped with a specially designed, more aggressive bend that makes it much harder for fish to slip the hook as you are hauling them out of thick cover or deep water.

Its signature Lazer Trokar surgically sharpened hook point still penetrates with half the pressure of standard hook points for better hook sets and a better hook up ratio, and it also features a welded line eye so your braided line never slips out. Perfect for fishing heavy lines, heavy drags, and heavy rods, the Lazer Trokar Pro V Worm Hook is one of the strongest worm hooks to ever hit the market.

  • Quantity – 1/0 : 6 per pack
  • Quantity – 2/0 : 5 per pack
  • Quantity – 3/0 : 5 per pack
  • Quantity – 4/0 : 4 per pack
  • Quantity – 5/0 : 4 per pack

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