Zoom Fluke Stick Jr


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One part fluke, one part soft stickbait, the Zoom Fluke Stick gives anglers two highly effective baits rolled into one appetizing package. Whether you fish it weightless, on a dropshot, or Texas-rigged, the Zoom Fluke Stick has a seductive gliding motion on the drop that is perfect for pitching around docks and tree overhangs. On the retrieve, the Zoom Fluke Stick can be worked with a series of twitches to give it an erratic darting action that’s similar to that of its cousin, the Zoom Salty Super Fluke. The ribbed profile of the Zoom Fluke Stick is also heavily salted, so it casts incredibly well, even without a weight.


  • Size : 5″
  • Quantity: 10 per pack

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Junebug, Watermelon Red